A few thoughts on Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit”

Just finished watching The Hobbit, and I really enjoyed it. It was a cool adaptation from the book(s), very cinematically engaging, and totally acceptable if you’re willing to look at it as a tall tale in which legendary-to-the-point-of-near-impossibility is acceptable. I would definitely call it ‘Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit’ instead of Tolkien’s though, and I get the impression I’m going to like the first two a lot more than the third.

I think one of the most annoying things for me was that they did not introduce all of the dwarfs individually (as they did in the book) when they first came in. This was partly because I really enjoyed how it went in the book, and partly because I really wanted to know which dwarf was which. Here’s a helpful guide:

The Hobbit dwarf banner

Just click on it; it should get much bigger.

I really liked the one in the funny hat with the mock-Mongolian mustache from the get-go. I assumed he was Bofur, and assumed that I liked him AND thought he was Bofur because I played Bofur in a stage production of the Hobbit at a Portland theatre back in 2001. But as the film went on, he got more and more awesome. And then I imdbed and found out why: he was played by James Nesbitt!


If you’ve seen Waking Ned Devine, Nesbitt played Pig Finn. If you haven’t seen Waking Ned Devine, go rent/buy/acquire it as soon as possible!

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