Andy Duncan writes Charlie Poole

Tonight, I went to the first in a series of readings put on by Clarion West at the UW Bookstore, and I heard Andy Duncan read from the current draft of his story about Charlie Poole, the real-life banjo player. Luckily, realism didn’t play much into the narrative.

The narrative is a highly stylized, humorous folk tale about an American musician, featuring over-the-top similes, and emphasized by Andy’s southern accent and hand gestures. And the passage he read was a series of speculations about how Charlie Poole, master of the banjo, allegedly broke his fingers–and each scenario began with “When asked about how he broke his fingers, Charlie liked to tell this story…” These tall tales featured the devil, a sledgehammer, a vengeful father with a belt, and many more options that only sound believable when written by Duncan. The manuscript is not yet finished or available for purchase, but I am totally putting it on my list!

While we’re waiting on that, we can check out other works by Andy Duncan, and listen to Charlie Poole:

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