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Any Publicity…

Mike Jack writes.

He also sings and dances.

I have been publicly recognized recently by people I have never met, but who “know me” through my extracurricular activities. Alas (alack (and heart attack)), it is not for my writing; it for karaoke and partner dancing.

Just this last weekend, at the Seattle FolkLife Festival, I was photographed by the SeattlePI while dancing.

Mike Jack Stoumbos gently dips Tianqing Yen while dancing.
“Mike Jack Stoumbos gently dips Tianqing Yen while dancing.” DANIELLA BECCARIA, (the photographer)

A couple of months ago, I was in a karaoke competition (the Seattle Singer Showcase hosted by Seattle’s Absolute Karaoke), and they forwarded me the photos of the event just yesterday.

Mike Karaoke

Because of the two events (not necessarily the photos), I have been more recognized. Having people approach you to say, “Hey, I saw this thing you did, and it was cool,” feels more than cool–it feels awesome. Still, to be honest, it feels much more awesome (to the extent of awesomer or awesomest), to be recognized for my writing. I plan to make that happen.

This school year–due to some crazy upsets in the world of teaching and a major tragedy at the school where I work–I have pretty much stopped any kind of publishing and book marketing, but this summer, I need to get back to work on that. Yes, I will keep singing, and I will keep dancing, and I’m going to work on boosting my profile as a writer.

Stay tuned for more on The Legend of Rock and my progress toward ePublishing, and while you wait, please visit my facebook page. Thanks for reading. Cheers!

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