ECCC 2015 – Overview and Pictures

The first of probably several Comicon-related posts…

I went to Emerald City Comicon 2015 just this last weekend. It was my third time, and I thoroughly enjoyed it–although it was quite overwhelming. Between the art, the games, the crowds, the shmoozing with authors,* having three different costumes for three different days, and the onset of allergy season, I found myself effectively drunk with exhaustion by Sunday evening. Still, it was totally worth it. Here are shots of the costumes.


This one’s my favorite: Bolin, Zuko, and Kyoshi from Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, just hanging out. No one notices or cares that they’re all from very different generations. Well, maybe Kyoshi does; she’s got a funny look in her eye. And–if anyone’s wondering–yes, we made the costumes ourselves.


An amusing cross between Star Trek and Star Wars. And Ichabod Crane… Okay, so I went with a Star Trek complement of five, and my friend Nick(abod) joined us. I decided that he was Thadium Okana from TNG–which isn’t far-off appearance-wise.

When we were all in Starfleet garb, we played the Artemis Bridge Simulator, and the boys running the room set up the Kobayashi Maru to try to kill us. We didn’t exactly get destroyed… We ran out of gas (energy) and had to sit and wait until we blew up.

Here’s the thing about going in command red from TNG: people make comments about being a red-shirt the whole damn day. While I get the red-shirt implication of the original series (mathematically unsound though it is), red is command in TNG, Voyager, and DS9, and they don’t die often (or at all in some series). Not to sound elitist (or hipster), but I would think that anyone who is actually a Star Trek fan would be aware of this distinction, which leads me to believe that the countless con-goers (con-ists?, conners?, con-men?) who made foreboding or sarcastic comments about my impending death do/did not actually watch Star Trek and simply regurgitate the joke as they’ve seen it in a web comic.


And I was Galen Tyrol from BSG. A simple costume, but it’s fun to express fandom.

*Stay tuned for more commentary on the writers.

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