Excerpt from Episode 9 of The Legend of Rock

Below follows the opening of Season 1, Episode 9 of the original series The Legend of Rock, a science fiction rock odyssey.

The chords surged into his skin, rattling his fingers against the neck of the guitar and cleanly lifting his feet from the ground. The reverb rushed toward him from the basin wall, providing the barest cushion before his back collided the vertical earth. He grunted out half of a one-syllable curse and started to fall forward. He managed to land up on one knee, his solid held in front of him like a shield. It looked surprisingly clean in the cascading dust, which gradually came to settle in the static-rich air. Jo parted the dust, hands in pockets, her solid on her back, its tuning keys glinting moonlight and mockery; he half expected her to offer a hand up. “Better,” she said. “Need a rest?” “No.” Isaiah shoved his way back to standing. “Let’s do it again.” The left corner of her thin-lipped mouth curled into satisfaction. “You got the will, kid; let’s see if we can learn you the skill.” “Sure, just don’t call me kid.” She shot him a look that firmly acknowledged they were not equals. He offered a compromise: “Monkey will do.” She accepted it and casually returned to her space in their concave arena to set up her guitar and amp for the next demonstration. As Isaiah checked his stance, tuning, and breathing, he couldn’t help but wonder just how the hell he’d managed to get here, in the “Eye of the Tiger,” where being pulverized was the most likely outcome. The last twelve hours had been a whirlwind, moreso in some ways than the one Jo was about to launch at him…

**Note: ‘Solid’ is the common term for solid-body electric guitars.

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