John Barrowman at ECCC 2015

We know and love John Barrowman, the delightful gay nerdy Scottish* actor extraordinaire. Okay fine, maybe we don’t all know him, but I have to assume that to know him is to love him, and so I feel no need to alter the intro. Although, apparently, we are not to mention his ancestry and his hidden accent.

Well, Mister Barrowman–(John, may I call you John?)–was at Emerald City Comicon 2015. And I was there!… and by “there,” I mean in the same building, but–alas–not in the same room. No, I didn’t go for any of the big celebrity panels this time around.

In previous years, I learned (with quotable precision) how Patrick Stewart met Sting; I was pleased to know that Mark Sheppard thinks that Battlestar Galactica is the best science fiction show; and I got a signed boarding pass (used) from Alan Tudyk. This time, however, I decided to avoid the big-darn celebrity hall (for big-darn celebrities).

I know what you’re thinking–(Okay, I don’t, but I’ll say it anyway)–but I had my reasons. Honestly, I was doing a lot of research: I was talking to writers and artists and game designers about writing and arting and game designing, and learning a lot of (and here comes the professional jargon) professional shit. I had been making all kinds of connections, (which I’ll talk about later), and I wanted to keep doing so.

So, Sunday afternoon, when John Barrowman’s panel rolled around, my group was very excited to go. And I was too. Yes, I was torn, but a couple of things tipped the scales: I try to avoid large groups of Doctor Who people being Doctor Whoish all at once. I don’t hate the show; I just can’t get into the gushing over it, especially after Moffat took over as the lead writer, but that’s a longer rant that probably won’t appear on this blog. The second thing that I said three different times to different people who asked about John Barrowman’s panel was:

“See, if he was in a musical–or even a play–I’d go. I never really got into Torchwood, and I’m not really into the Doctor Who crowd; I know him from musical theatre. The first thing that I saw him in was the musical revue Putting it Together.” (Which I explained was a compilation of musicals by Sondheim…) “If I went to see John Barrowman, I’d want to hear him sing.”

You know where this is going, right?

Of course he sang! Apparently like four times. Once with a woman named River Song, just to add to the irony.

When I heard this, I laughed. Yeah, I could have been sore about it, but I really don’t regret the conversations I was having with vendors during his panel–conversations which may have been more possible because so many people were seeing John Barrowman.

Oh, right, and there’s one more thing. See, for many things, I don’t really consider myself a jealous person, but when it comes to opportunities to present or perform art, I can be a very sore loser. At least a part of me is a diva at heart, and so, hearing that some other random comicon goer asked to perform a song with John Barrowman and got to sing with him onstage… Yeah, the temptation to scratch her eyes out would have been immense.

Congratulations musical Wonder Woman–you’ve got moxie and lungs. In the words of Offspring, you’ll go far kid.

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