More proof that the world is like DnD

All of the spiders were making characters, and most were being fairly sensible–then this hobo comes along and tells the DM, “Dude, I found this great spell, called necrosis, that I can inflict with a bite. It’s supposed to be totally painful and possibly fatal.”

“Hmm,” muses the DM, “that’s a little too powerful for our level…”


“You’d have to take a flaw to compensate.” DM rolls. “Okay, so your flaw is that you lose your ‘spider climb’ ability.”

“Oh, that shouldn’t be too bad,” says hobo hopefully, and gleefully prepares his special abilities.

The DM calls the finished spider characters together. “Okay everyone; it’s time to get started. For our first session, we’ll be climbing up a water spout.”

“Goddammit!” exclaims hobo.

The moral of the story: don’t call god ‘Dude’ in the same sentence you ask for a favor.

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