Motivation, Busywork, and List-Making

It’s about 1:20am, and I’m working on formatting this blog (as well as two others). See, I figure the more fun AND straightforward I make this blog for me, the more like I will be to post posts, and the more posts I posts, the more likely I am to attract readers. But it’s an annoying process.

Still, it ticks off one of the pieces on my list for things to get done before grad school. A cursory sampling of projects I wanted to work on include the following objectives:

  1. Finish one of the episodes in my SciFi series, The Legend of Rock – (slow progress)

  2. Draft a board game – (finished one, working on a second)

  3. Record some of the audiobook for my novel, The Baron Would Be Proud – (hardly begun)

  4. Record a bunch of the songs I’ve written – (done)

  5. Write some new songs – (in progress)

  6. Write a new play or the sequel to the tragedy I wrote way back when

  7. Host a reading for one of my plays – (scheduled)

  8. Meet other writers

  9. Work on editing the first novel, yet unpublished

  10. Epublish some of the finished episodes of The Legend of Rock

  11. Practice playing piano at least a couple times a week

  12. Update the blog(s) and other social media

  13. Regularly post on my blogs – (starting tonight)

I’m working on the queue; really and truly I am 🙂

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