Perspective, Painting, and the Human Figure

Perspective, Painting, and the Human Figure

Okay, so usually I’m incredibly annoyed by the click-bait headlines. This one reads “Seems Like A Normal Painting. When I Looked Closer, I Was Blown Away.” The tense shift alone causes a bit of head-scratching, but the images are actually amazing–(or should I say ‘Awesome’; I have it tagged as ‘Awesome’…)

**Before you click or scroll, I should preface that there are unclothed and semi-unclothed human figures in the pictures. Therefore, it might not be safe for work (NSFW), even there is nothing sexual and there are no featured bits that would not be allowed on daytime television or a facebook wall. You be the judge.

Below I’ve included some samples of the body art featured here.

Bodypaint Python Arms
Bodypaint Lizard Arms

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