Seeking Collaborators for The Legend of Rock

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I’m writing a serial narrative which is a super-hero-esque episodic story that takes place in a world where music can be wielded as a literal weapon. (A lot of people have been alluding to Scott Pilgrim, and that’s a fair jumping off point, but different style and tone.) The story is told in shorts, each of which is a reinterpretation and integration of the lyrics from a classic rock song. I’ve already written Jukebox Hero, Pinball Wizard, and Riders on the Storm. I have been outlining multiple series for this storyline, each of which covers a 12-song arc plus a bonus episode. And yes, the characters start as teenagers and will be using music to save the world. Now on to the multi-media element…

Because the narratives tend to sound almost noir, with very flashy simile-based descriptions, my mental image of the characters takes on a high-contrast, hard line, real proportions with distortion comic book style. I seem to blur the character portrayals of the Firefly/Serenity comics, Cowboy Bebop, and the video game Max Payne. Although I do sketch, the style I want is not in my wheelhouse. This is where I need a collaborating artist. Not only am I interested in storyboarding for continuity’s sake, I’m also hoping to include a couple of graphic-novel-looking full-panel illustrations for each episode. Ideal the artist would also be reading through the stories and receiving the outlines as they are conceived. That’s step two–writing receives illustration.

Step three is actually composing and recording a backing soundtrack, which I cannot do, and which I think would be very hard to develop before at least the conclusion of the first arc, so I find myself putting that off until I’ve written more and found a collaborative artist.

That’s the run-down. Thoughts? Questions?

Message me if you want to read any of the stories!

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