Spring Cleaning

I am returning to the blogosphere! 

Having finished my graduate program I have more time available to post (at least briefly); and in preparation for the new series I will be publishing, it is necessary for me to (re)build a public profile.

Those of you more familiar with this blog (and possibly others I manage or contribute to) might notice that certain posts have disappeared. I have gone ahead and cleaned up posts that do not seem like they will serve me as an emerging author and newly-licensed teacher (who would not like to have any scandalous commentary available when my students google me–which they do). Long story short: MikeJackWrites is going to have a solely literary focus at least for the near future.

Thing-the-next, I have been distributing hard copies of stories to random strangers, all of which list my blog; so I will be re-vamping it so that it looks like it has the kind of direction and dedication my business cards seem to imply. (That being said, you can think of the blog as being somewhat under construction.)

Stay tuned for updates. More to follow shortly.


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