The Baron (on Grudges)

From The Baron Would be Proud, about a small town’s social protocol…

“This town amazes me, Julian. Everyone here is so quick to forgive. Doesn’t anyone ever hold grudges?”Julian shook his head and swallowed his eggs before speaking. “Not when you only know a hundred people. I know what a grudge is, Sir Baron—and that’s not just because I’ve watched you and His Long-beardedness; remember, my best friend’s father is Eugene. A grudge is just the opposite of a crush, right?” Julian took another bite here, no doubt giving the Baron a chance to process his hint.“See, I think people are more likely to hold grudges where you come from,” Julian explained, tapping one hand on the air as he processed. “I think you’ve met maybe a hundred-hundred people, and if you don’t like one of them—y’know, if one does something that’s so bad or even just annoying that you can’t stand to listen to him, you can hold your grudge and just avoid him. If the big out there’s as big as they say, then you don’t have to see anyone you don’t want to. But here, in our village, in Adleship Isle, just by living and working and eating and keeping friendships, you see everyone. Almost everyday, so it’s so much easier to be nice than mean.”

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