There’s always one more thing

UW’s grad school application and enrollment process has been interminable, which is a word I usually use figuratively, but this time I think I can apply it literally.

No matter what I complete, how many forms I fill out and turn in, who I call, what offices I’ve visited–it’s never done. There’s always one more thing. And usually I can’t know about it in advance; no, the geniuses upstairs wait until I’m halfway through finishing what I thought would be the last thing before sending me an email to tell me there’s more.

The most recent one: I’m no longer a Washington State Resident according to their computers, and I have to reapply for residency status. I did my undergrad at UW, I’ve lived in Seattle–on my own–for five years, and I lived with my parents in southern Washington for five years before that. Why do they need to recheck my residency? It’s not as if anything’s changed.

Blargh! The bureaucracy sucks.

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