Website in Blogress

You read the title, and you are still here! This means you are my kind of people.

The Mike Jack Stoumbos website and attached blog are brand new, and (as of 10:09am on Friday April 3rd) it's almost ready to launch. This is a test post of the new blog, and a brief opportunity to share the kinds of things that will be on the blog int he longer term.

In addition to occasional updates, I plan to use this blog to

- Reblog and share other authors and their awesome work

- Post reviews, thoughts, and discussions on any media, most likely music and science fiction

- Bring you world-building and creative writing ideas that I find or others share with me, for role-players, fiction writers, or any other kinds of storytellers

And, because a lot of this is new territory for me, allow me to exaggerate my predicament with gif that hopefully you will like as much as I do :)


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