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The Stealth Assassin Showdown

there's a ninja in the room right now....

NINJAS!! Box.jpg
IMG_20190302_142445.jpg can tell because you can't see them!!

The deadliest martial martial arts assassins have gathered for one purpose - and soon only one will remain.  Get ready for a battle of deduction and deception, that will draw out the best of your cunning, courage, and the 12 styles of Ninja!!

Ninjas!! is a game of secrecy and simultaneity, in which all players share the same grid, but all ninjas are hidden from view. On each turn, players use previous moves and attacks to try to determine where their opponents are hidden, and attempt to strike without being hit themselves. 


This high-stakes hide and seek has relatively simple mechanics, but complex and dynamic strategy that changes both between and during matches. Although the in-game goals remain the same for every game of Ninjas!!, players can change the end-game conditions to allow for different game times and styles of gameplay. The standard game involved 3 wounds and player elimination, other options include Sudden Death matches as well as point-based games in which players count the number of successful attacks against the number of times they were wounded. Each game of Ninjas!! can also be played on a differently laid out board and with different starting positions.

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