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A Space Opera Series

The Novels of THIS FINE CREW 

THIS FINE CREW  4: The Impossible Moon has risen!

The Impossible Moon- Kindle.jpg

The Impossible Moon

To unlock the secret of universal language acquisition, Kesiel must bring her squad to a mysterious moon, where the line between religion and science is blurred beyond recognition. Are the powers on the surface too good to be true, or simply too alien to be believed?

If you're just joining the Initiative, book 4 is an easy entry point for a stand-alone adventure. Or, you can dive into the first trilogy and get ready for the voyage to continue.

The Concept Art of THIS FINE CREW 

In writing the series, Mike Jack sketched the alien species and cover design mock-ups. During the Signal Out of Space launch event, the concept art was shared for the first time. You can find the slideshow here:

(more sketches will be posted following the scheduled launch of book 4)

The Core Four Characters of THIS FINE CREW 

The first trilogy features four cadets of different species. At the Seed in the Sky launch event, Mike Jack unveiled portraits of the core four:

Darren Lidstrom

Darren Lidstrom, Human Cadet, Pilot Track

Paul Newman

Paul Newman, Teek Cadet, Communication Focus


Kesiel, Tsanghar (Lizard) Cadet, Engineering Focus


Arrksh, P'rukktah Cadet, Medical Focus

The Universe of THIS FINE CREW 

Welcome to the Interstellar Initiative, established 2107, but the Human-Teek Alliance--and soon the cooperative alliance of several sentient species in the local cluster. The Initiative is a non-military, cooperative exploration venture, that exists for the sole purpose of strengthening relationships between species... At least that's what the banners say.

The truth is, Humans are new to the negotiation table, and their first foray into deep space earned them a reputation as the militant (and destructive) species when they were brought into a war on behalf of the hive-mind insectoids, Jyik'tch'tyeek (aka Teek). Every prominent species has a reputation: "the reptiles adapt, the brutes endure, the bugs explore, the rodents reproduce, and the humans make war." The Initiative is here to change all of that by bringing everyone together, if the cooperating species don't destroy each other first.

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