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WonderBird Press publishes scifi, fantasy, and humor anthologies and is invested in the continued growth and education of emerging authors.

Founded 2022 by Mike Jack Stoumbos and Morrigen Stoumbos

Our presale Kickstarter: Murderbugs and Monsters went live in Autumn 2023 and featured two anthologies:

  • Murderbugs, the second installment of the Unhelpful Encyclopedia series, featuring 20 stories about bugs and intent to kill. (Check out our preview story page for sneak peaks.)

  • The Vampire Survival Guide, the first in our Monstrous Guidebook series, which will include valuable anecdotes for vampires trying to survive in a human-infested world.

Kickstarter rewards tiers will include electronic and physical versions of either (or both) anthologies, as well as add-ons for emerging authors (short story assistance and workshops), Tuckerizations (your name in a story), and more.


  • A Man of His Word, a folkloric fantasy novella (Feb 2023)

  • Murderbirds, an avian anthology (Apr 2023)

  • Dead of Night, a scifi thriller novelette (Aug 2023)

  • Murder on the Barge Inn, a scifi thriller novelette (Oct 2023)

  • Murderbugs, an arthropod anthology (Mar 2024)

  • The Vampire Survival Guide, Monstrous Guidebook 1 (Sept 2024)


If you are an author submitting short stories for publication and would like a cover letter resource, check out this cover letter template.

(More to follow in the coming months)

WonderBird Press will open to submissions from specific author education and support communities in November 2023.

CLOSED [Upcoming submissions for the Murderbugs Anthology: April 2023 for members of specific author education and support communities.]


Seeking: Stories from 1,000 to 6,000 words (2,000-4,000 preferred) about bugs and intent to kill.

Projected Submission Window: April 1-30.

For more information, visit the posts in Superstars Writing Seminars and Apex Writers groups.

The official WonderBird Press page is in construction; expect to see more information and a redirect from this site in Spring 2023

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