Meet Mike Jack

Mike Jack Stoumbos Author Shot.jpg

"May your travels be memorable,

  and your adventures unbelievable."

~The Baron Would Be Proud

Mike Jack Stoumbos is a speculative fiction author, disguised as a believably normal high school teacher. He lives with his wife and their parrot, and can be found @MJStoumbos on Twitter and on his Amazon Author Page. In his writing and teaching, Mike Jack strives to bring joy, humor, and compassion--especially in genre fiction, where it is easy to find bleak and gritty stories.

Mike Jack grew up in the Pacific Northwest with his (big) Greek family among a rich culture of storytelling, and with a personal drive to create art. Even from an early age, he was drawing board games and comic books; he could be easily coaxed into reciting a Disney movie start-to-finish, including songs and character voices. He performed his first paying musical theatre role at age 11; wrote a novel (a whopping 220-thousand word saga) at 15; and produced his first stageplay at 17.

Before becoming a high school English teacher, Mike Jack spent a year working as a non-fiction writer and editor, as well as self-publishing The Baron Would Be Proud (2012), so he could bring his personal experience to the classroom. In the summer of 2019, Mike Jack made a commitment to prioritize his passion for writing, and has since been keeping daily word habits and braving the short-story submission circuit--with success.

Mike Jack has published short fiction in several anthologies in the last two years and won 1st place in the Writers of the Future Contest (2021). His space opera series, THIS FINE CREW, is being published by Theogony Books of Chris Kennedy Publishing, starting with his space opera debut The Signal Out Of Space. In addition, Mike Jack has been appearing on panels and leading workshops, as well as writing articles for The Book Break. He continues to teach and tutor, to host workshops and write-ins for fellow authors, and will certainly run out of time before he runs out of projects to write.