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Featured AnthologyMURDERBIRDS An Avian Anthology

Latest installment in THIS FINE CREW: The Impossible Moon

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Funded on Kickstarter Oct 2023: Murderbugs and The Vampire Survival Guide from WonderBird Press


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Mike Jack Stoumbos is writing Science Fiction and Fantasy with a healthy dash of humor.

On this site, you will find published books, as well as concept art, RPG content, and more.

With the launch of the Writers of the Future Anthology and translation of his space opera trilogy, Mike Jack Stoumbos is officially an international, award-winning, bestselling author--and there's more to come.

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MURDERBIRDS: An Avian Anthology

Join us for a fascinating, dangerous, and often irreverent romp through the most bizarre aviary ever encountered. Discover the wily machinations of the friendliest show-crows, negotiate borders between territorial landfowl, and take a trip through the stars to find your alien-parasite self stuck in a chicken. Each illustrated story in the Murderbirds anthology features a different species of feathered fiend, who is either the villain or intended victim of a deadly scheme. The twenty experts in the field include award-winning science fiction and fantasy authors such as Martin L Shoemaker, Wulf Moon, and Jody Lynn Nye, as well as several new Writers of the Future winners.


Bestselling Collection of Award-Winning Stories

On May 4th, 2021, Mike Jack Stoumbos's short story was named the 1st place winner of the Writers of the Future Contest.

On April 8th, 2022, Mike Jack received the award--alongside 12 other talented authors and 12 new illustrators--at the gala and release event for Writers of the Future, Volume 38.

Mike Jack's story, "The Squid is My Brother," is now available in paperback and ebook, as well as in many book stores across the country. Find out more, including featured reviews on the Published Work Page.


Listen to the opening scene of 
The Signal Out Of Space, book 1 of Mike Jack's space opera series.

To check out the trilogy, go to the THIS FINE CREW page.

Mike Jack Stoumbos at conferences & conventions:

Conferences and Conventions 2023

  • MarsCon 2023, January, Virginia Beach, VA

  • Superstars Writing Seminars, February 9-11, Colorado Springs, CO

  • Scares That Care AuthorCon II, April 1st, Williamsburg, VA

  • RavenCon 2023, April 21st, Richmond, VA

  • AwesomeCon DC 2023, June, Washington DC

  • Dragon Con 2023, September, Atlanta, GA

Past Conferences and Conventions

  • Factory Con, October 2022, Coinjock, NC

  • FyreCon, October 2022 (Online)

  • Multiverse, October 2022, Atlanta, GA

  • Factory Con, October 2022, Outer Banks, NC

  • Dragon Con, September 2022, Atlanta, GA

Contact Mike Jack if you would like him to lead a workshop, see the Et Cetera page for tools and resources.

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