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The Signal Out of Space
book 1 of THIS FINE CREW


A space-opera series by Mike Jack Stoumbos, published by Theogony of Chris Kennedy Publishing, THIS FINE CREW is a new take on the Star-Trek-style universes we grew up with, but from the eyes, brains, and curious appendages of all kinds of sentient species.

Only a few years after humans first flexed their military muscle in space conflict, they launch a cooperative organization called the Interstellar Initiative--a difficult enough task, even without conspiracies, sabotage, and uninvited extra-dimensional entities...

Episodes 2 and 3 coming soon!

2: A Rupture in Time


January 21st 2022

3: Seed in the Sky

- March 4th 2022

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A Man Of His Word - A Serialized Novella on Kindle Vella

"...I know nothing of sacrifice; I'm just a man of my word..."

A Man of his Word is a dark fantasy tale from an ancient woodland village, where people's words are literally their bonds. With a powerful Warlock sweeping through the lands, absorbing power, how far would you go to preserve yourself, your home, or the people you love?

New episodes are posted every few days, and the first three are free to read. Kindle Vella is a new platform for Mike Jack. If you enjoy the serialized narrative, please give it a positive rating and review.

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Street Magic

An Urban Fantasy Anthology, featuring stories about the hidden world of spells and sorcery which might be just around the corner, from Lyn Worthen and Camden Park Press.

Meet Clarence Hemlock: Computer Wizard, a digimancer living in 21st-century Seattle, happily convincing grateful customers that all he really did was turned it off and on again. Secretly, he longs for a challenge that can contend with his tech-magic prowess... and is about to get what he wished for.

Happy Holiday Historicals

Also from Camden Park, released December 2021, with eight light-hearted folk tales with the magic of the holiday spirit. 


In Niko and the Lucky Coin, Mike Jack takes readers to Krokilion, a small Greek village where his grandfather was born, with a fun new spin on an old New Years Eve tradition.

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Now Available!!!

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Denial Kills

An Anthology of fiction and short poetry from Not a Pipe PublishingDenial Kills presents a gripping collection of hard-to-face truths and the people they impact.

In "Tests and Taxes," Mike Jack welcomes you to the new, improved, and only barely futuristic National Testing Center, your friendly hub that can certify you in everything you'd ever need and want--including, apparently, the privilege to live. Brace yourself for a tightly controlled future society as only a teacher could envision it.​

Hold Your Fire: An Anthology

A tribute to the late Neil Peart of Rush and the album of the same name, Hold Your Fire is an anthology about inspiration from WordFire Press and Kevin J Anderson.

In the lyrics of his newest song, “Take Me for a Ride,” the up-and-coming artist Spaceman Mort cordially invites any aliens within range to swing by and pick him up. A spin on the sci-fi alien abduction story, as told by a country-rock singer.

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The Baron Would Be Proud

The Baron is Mike Jack's first novel, inspired by the tallest tales and lowest blows ever ascribed to English gentlemen.


When two well-to-do but not well-intended adventurers are snowed into a hidden village for a long winter, not a soul will be safe from their rivalry. Amidst trickery, blackmail, and well-aimed "snide", what hope can there be for true love? 

Galactic Stew

Galactic Stew is not just your everyday blend of other-worldly ingredients. Stay tuned for exciting science fiction and fantasy stories all highlighting food, from Zombies Need Brains, LLC.


Mike Jack's fable "A Real Llywelyn Scone," takes you back to simpler times: when people worked their land, knew their neighbors, and only occasionally had to deal with gargantuan dragons.

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Dragon Writers: An Anthology


Dragons are creatures of legend... as are the writers they inspire! In Dragon Writers, dive into a collection of dragon stories, by such masters as Brandon Sanderson and David Farland, edited by Lisa Mangum and published by Wordfire Press.


Mike Jack brings you a science fiction approach to dragons as bio-mechanical avatars in "Black Tide's Last Ride."  

Cursed Collectibles: An Anthology

"...what if those treasures hunt us back?" Cursed Collectibles is stocked full of antiques whose cost is much higher than their price tags indicate. Dig through this attic of spooky stories by

D J ButlerJoy Auburn, and Jace Killan (among others). 


In "A Haunting at High-Noon" Mike Jack reckons he can convince you the scariest things happen in broad daylight.

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Hearts' Enchantment


Tales of love, magic--and the magic of love--arranged by J F Posthumus and released on Valentine's Day 2020.

Mike Jack Stoumbos presents the legend of two neighboring kingdoms and the romantic scheme meant to unite their power. But the role one woman has to play in this subtle game will risk more than just her heart. Enjoy each calculated twist and breathless turn in "The Other Half of the Masque."

in the Near Future...

A new anthology from WordFire Press (details to follow when cleared for release)

Writers of the Future, Volume 38 from Galaxy Press, including Mike Jack's Award-Winning story (release date TBA)

A new anthology from Inkd Publishing (details to follow when cleared for release)

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