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About Us

Welcome to Double Exclamation Games!!, a new hub for board game development and production, and some awesome creative commentary on board gaming world.

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So what is our mission?

Simply put, our mission is to build a board game publisher.


Less simply, we want to produce games that inspire enthusiasm and laughter from people who play them, and which invite groups of friends or strangers to come together. The creators, founders, designers, and current patrons of Double Exclamation are interested in a games, gatherings, group storytelling that can be accessible enough for anyone who is interested to enjoy and multifaceted enough that really experienced players can still find replay value. There are a lot of projects we’re interested in approaching in the next few years through board games, party games, and roleplaying games—as well as hosting a forum and blog for a collaborative and contributing community.


The style and size of our next ventures have a lot to do with the success and momentum of our first game Ninjas!! The Stealth Assassin Showdown, so our first mission is to make that game a huge success!! (Stay tuned for a kickstarter link…)

Even though this description is a bit vague now, in 2020, our vision will be clear.


Why do we call it Double Exclamation Games!!?

Thank you for asking. I was hoping to get a chance to address that.

Double Exclamation Games or DE-Games is a place for enthusiasm and more than a little cheekiness. Writers, editors, and teachers frequently say that multiple exclamation points are a sign of bad writing, which makes them too fun to pass up. While two exclamation points might not be featured in all of the titles we produce, it’s still a mentality we intend to support.


Our chief designer, Mike Jack Stoumbos, (who might be writing this content), started using the two-exclamation point label several years ago in the original draft of the board game “It’s on the Ship!!”, a semi-cooperative space horror game, (currently in pre-pre-production). The opening lines of the rulebook are the interrupted last transmission of a fellow crewman who is viciously mauled by an alien entity—his last words “It’s on the Ship!!” are too exclamatory for just one exclamation point, and sadly, he does not make it to the third.


What is Ninjas!!?

Ninjas!! The Stealth Assassin Showdown is the pilot production of DE-Games. It is a game of secrecy and simultaneity, in which up to four hidden ninjas attempt to find and eliminate one another without being found out themselves. All players use the same grid and have access to the same 12 styles of Ninja (cards). While there are relatively few mechanics to the game, there are a lot of different strategies, which makes for good suspense and high replay value. We look forward to hearing about your first play through!!

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