Mike Jack also does... 

In addition to his fiction work, Mike Jack Stoumbos has written and produced stage plays, sung in front of large audiences, drawn binders concept art for his stories and roleplaying games, tutored and workshopped many levels of writing, and--most intimidating of all--taught public high school.

On this page you will find some examples. If you would like to commission any works in these categories, contact the author through the mailing list or directly at MikeJackWrites at gmail dot com and include "Commission" in the subject line.

You can get more of Mike Jack's creative work on his Patreon Page: Patreon.com/MikeJackStoumbos

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10/5 Online Workshop: "The Quick and Dirty Novel Plan"
October 5th at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central), 90 minutes, via Zoom

This one-shot workshop is an opportunity for a writer to hone in on the specific, driving details of their novel--whether in-mind, in-progress, or ready for editing. You can tailor this approach to any novel-length project to give yourself direction and clarity, and by the end of the workshop, you will also have a 2-3 sentence pitch draft for your project.

Cost: $10, free for Patreon Subscribers and members of the NaNoTribo group (SSWS Alumni).

After registering, you will be contacted via email with the Zoom info for the workshop. The last day to register is October 4th, 2022 (by midnight Pacific). Contact MikeJackWrites@gmail.com if you have any questions or difficulty accessing the workshop.


Freelance Writing and Editing
Mike Jack is a recurring writer for "The Book Break" with Melissa Dalton Martinez, and has years of experience writing and editing both informational and academic content. Recently, he has also been working with fellow emerging authors as a beta reader and developmental editor.

The Book Break.jpg
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Mike Jack's "Lessons from NaNoWriMo"  at the 2021 PPWC

Writing Groups and Events

During the quarantine, Mike Jack hosted virtual writing support groups. He leads 60-day writing/goal-setting events and groups for more than 100 authors. In 2021, he was invited to conferences to teach workshops; in 2022, he will be appearing on several panels at conventions.

Contact him via email or social media for more information and goal-setting resources, like this one...

Personal Word Count Tracker via Google Sheets


Whether concept sketches, live portraits, or RPG characters, Mike Jack continues to draw. He posts some of his art on social media and is available for commissions.

Counting Crows Graphite Sketch

"Counting Crows"

"Nicholas May" in Blue Ink

Live Portrait

"Fairyn Sparklegem" commissioned by @TheMorrigen

RPG Character

Dragon Rider Comission.jpg

Commissioned Artwork

"Draw Me Riding a Dragon!"

RPG Resources

Great for role-playing and creative writing

For ongoing resources like this, join the Mailing List

Mike Jack's Injury Generator via direct link or PDF

                                           Google Doc Link * * * Download PDF 

Mike Jack's 5-Question Character Personality Builder

via direct link or PDF  Google Doc Link * * * Download PDF 


Mike Jack reads stories. Here is an example of an original, "Dearest Detested Father." His experience in theatre, as a writer, actor, director, and dialect coach give him a number of voices and personalities to choose from when telling stories and running role-playing games.


Check out Mike Jack's Youtube Page for songs. Enjoy covers, parodies, and originals.

Here is a fun tavern song to kick off your fantasy RPG: "The Thunder Hammer," a tall-tale of daring-dos against a cockroach king, and the one weapon that could stop him.