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Workshops & Services

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Online Workshops & Classes - Check out the upcoming classes in the calendar below! You can find classes on planning, goal-setting, and writing both short stories and novels, as well as submission tips.

Beta-Reads & Short Story Critiques - Not accepting new clients at this time.

Newsletter Swaps & Cross-Promotions - Contact MikeJackWrites at gmail dot com to arrange a newsletter content sharing including reader magnets and recent releases. (Please understand that not all content will work for newsletter swaps, and arranged content would go out between one and five weeks after it's received.)

Also check out Convention & Conference Appearances for panels, discussions, book-signings, and "ask an editor" opportunities.

Autumn 2023 Workshops


Short Story Structure Crash Course - Saturday August 26 DONE

Learn how short story structure relates to commonly used structures for full-length works (novels and movies). Understand how to determine the most important aspect of your story and how that can lead you to one of four simple structures that can have strong impacts (and stay within required wordcount).

"Star Trek" Episode Structure for Authors - Saturday September 9 DONE


An analysis of the structural components of Star Trek (mainly TNG), and how they can quickly tell a compelling story with many characters, settings, events, and themes--which can then be applied to short stories and episodic novels.


Cost: $35

Rapid and Real Setting Creation - Date TBD


Using a few guided questions, learn how to generate the foundations of an immersive setting without going down the infinite worldbuilding rabbit hole.


Cost: $25

"Twilight Zone" Episode Formula for Authors - Date TBD


Similar to the "Star Trek" structure course, the "Twilight Zone" episodes, many of were based on classic science fiction stories, will be broken down into their key components that authors can use to plan and execute their own haunting short stories

Cost: $35

Rapid and Real Character Creation - Date TBD

Too often in speculative fiction, a character gets bogged down by massive powers, weapons, and tragic backstories--which are exciting to plan in abundance but don't get into the meat of a character. In this session, we'll focus on a streamlined approach to creating characters who will drive the conflict, emotion, and theme of a story based on 5 character creation prompts.

Cost: $25

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